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Learn Numbers, Shapes, Colors and More with Shawn the Train | All Short Cartoons with Shawn

This compilation includes 11 Shawn the Train Cartoons!
 (Learn Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Sizes, Left and Right, Seasons, Traffic Signs)


The Alphabet Adventure With Alice and Shawn the Train - FULL CARTOON - (Learn letters and words)

Join Alice and Shawn the Train on the amazing alphabet adventure to find the missing letters! Your child will learn letters and words!                                                         Also available on DVD!

The Mine Adventure With Shawn the Train and Team - In Search of Crystals and Friendship

Shawn the Train and his friend Speedy go to an abandoned mine to search for glowing crystals.  During their adventure they meet a new friend, Gus, and discover that there are more important things in life than gems and stones.

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